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This is Lucy's dad.

Jürgen Richter is a cartoonist, animator and director.

He started his career 1985 in the Munich based Animation Studio of Curt Linda.

Besides working on projects for clients such as German networks Bayerischer Rundfunk, ZDF​ and Austrian network ORF, he animated for the feature Film Harold and the Ghosts.

In 1988 he moved on to TC Studio, run by producer and director Wolfgang Urchs and filled the position as lead animator on the feature film Peter in Magicland, being in charge of the two main characters.

End of 1989 Jürgen relocated to London and filled the position of senior animator in Steven Spielberg’s animation studio Amblimation, the predecessor of today’s Dreamworks Animation.

During the five years in London he contributed animation to American Tail II - Fievel Goes West, We’re Back! – A Dinosaurs Story and Balto under the direction of Phil Nibbelink and Simon Wells.

In March of 1995, together with producer Eberhard Junkersdorf, Jürgen established Munich Animation.

While being in charge of all 2D parts of production, he also directed the feature film The Fearless Four, together with Eberhard Junkersdorf and Michael Coldewey. Distributed by Warner Bros., it was released as Europe’s first movie to combine classical animation with 3D elements in 1997.

The following projects were the co-productions Tobias Totz and his Lion together with Rothkirch Cartoon Film in Berlin as well as Stupid Studio in Brussels and Help! I’m a Fish with A. Film in Copenhagen and Terraglyph in Dublin.

For both films Jürgen contributed as sequence director.​

In 2000 Jürgen moved on to Trixter Film. In addition of directing numerous commercials in both, 2D and 3D techniques, he was part of the development team and prepared several feature film projects additionally to the TV adaption of Lilly The Witch, of which he also directed the first two episodes.

Together with four partners he founded the Animation and FVX company animoto in 2003.

Besides commercials for Danone, Procter & Gamble and Nestlé, he worked on TV movies like Elvis und der Mann mit dem roten Mantel for ZDF and Flipper and Lopaka – The Movie for Junior TV.

As creative / animation supervisor he was in charge of animoto’s contribution to A. Film’s Asterix And The Vikings and The Ugly Duckling And Me.

​Today, animoto is part of the Munich based production company Screencraft Entertainment and Jürgen contributed as Storyboard and Animation Supervisor to Constantin Film’s Tarzan 3D directed by Reinhard Klooss.

Again as Animation Supervisor, he was responsible for the animation for the raven character Abraxas in the feature film Die kleine Hexe.

For the co-production Pets United directed by Reinhard Klooss, Jürgen and his team were busy supervising animation and compositing for 18 months in Germany and China.

​Apart from numerous non-movie related projects Jürgen writes and illustrates the comic strip Lucy’s World since 2006, in which he processes his adventures and findings as a triple father in a humorous fashion.

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